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  • Continuous Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring Instruments AQ7800

    AQ 7800 (Air Quality Monitoring System) The AQ7800 automatic ambient air quality non-methane monitoring system monitors methane, non-methane total hydrocarbons and the five meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction) and other related parameters. Product Performance 1. Accurate and stable pressure and flow control, with a pressure control accuracy better than ±0.05kPa and…

  • Dust Noise Particulate Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments AQ7660

    AQ 7660 (Air Quality Monitoring System) AQ7660 fugitive dust (noise) monitoring systems is an ambient air quality monitoring instrument to monitor the concentration of particulate matter by the national standard β-ray method. Product Performance 1. Adopting the national standard method of monitoring, with accurate and reliable data. 2. With dynamic heating function, strong anti-interference ability….