LC3210 (High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Vitamins Analysis)


LC3210 (HPLC)

The high performance liquid chromatography instrument is mainly used for the analysis of organic compounds with high boiling point, non-volatile, heat unstable and large molecular weight. It consists of a reservoir, pump, injector, column, detector, recorder and several other parts. There are binary high pressure and quaternary low pressure modes availiable. The column oven is equipped with a refrigeration function as standard, extending the application range of the system. A variety of detectors are available, such as DAD, ELSD, FLD, etc.

Product Performance
1. A mainstream split design
2. Complete system detection
3. Customised acetonitrile resistant check valves
4. Electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results
5. In-line clarity of plunger rod as standard
6. French imported 1800L/MM grating
7. Fully intelligent counter-controlled chromatography workstation

Brand – wayeal