Ultra Wave Digestion System



The Game Changer in Microwave Digestion

The ultraWAVE fully endorses our vision in microwave sample preparation: it has already revolutionized and enhanced the way analytical chemists think to sample preparation for trace metal analysis in hundreds of laboratories all over the world.

  • High performance.The highest temperatures & pressure capabilities and the fastest cooling time.
  • Increased throughput.Double throughput of traditional microwave acid digestion instruments.
  • No batching required.Simultaneous digestion of any sample type combination.
  • Ease of use.Cleaning of digestion vials is not necessary. No vessel assembly/disassembly.
  • Expertise and Support.30-years experience at your lab with theĀ Milestone Connect.
  • USP 232/233 Chapters, ICH Q3D Guidelines and FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11.